Phoenix Animal Rescue Renewing hope for homeless animals, one day at a time.

Phoenix Animal Rescue adoption fees are:

Cats/Kittens $100.00
Puppies $400.00
Adult Dogs $350.00
Senior $300.00

Potential adopters sometimes wonder why we charge this adoption fee. It covers the extensive vet care provided to the animals prior to adoption. These fees include:

Female Cat Spaying $198
Male Cat Neutering $170
FeLV/FIV Test $35
Identification Microchip Implant $50
Deworming medication $20
FVRCP Vaccination $22
Rabies Vaccination $17
Total: $314-$342
Female Dog Spaying $240-$338
Male Dog Neutering $220-$288
DHLPP Vaccination $22
Rabies Vaccination $17
Bordetella Vaccination $21
4DX Heartworm Test $42
Deworming Medication $20
Identification Microchip Implant $50
Boarding $30/Night
Total: $392-$510 plus Boarding

These costs reflect only the basic care required for a healthy animal with no special needs. When special care is required, costs can be significantly higher for the veterinary services required. While we do everything we can to make adoption as affordable as possible, and we never increase adoption fees for special needs animals, the extensive costs associated with keeping the animals healthy means at least some adoption fee is necessary to continue our rescue efforts. Thank you for being understanding!